Friday, October 2, 2009

Mid –Autumn Festival 2009

Yes, it's Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! It's the time of the year where the tradition of every Chinese family celebrates with their family and loved ones with a box of moon cake. I used to remember that when I was a kid, every Mid Autumn Festival, my mum would buy a box of moon cake especially for me, and the filling of the moon cake is "TAUSA" or so called Red bean paste. I only eat that flavour of moon cake during that time, and very reluctant to try others too. Stubborn, right? Hahaha.....

Nowadays, there are so many kinds of moon cake, and so many varieties of flavour too. To name a few, there have the 'Pin Pei Moon cake', 'Puff Pastry type of moon cake', 'Yam moon cake', 'Durian moon cake', 4 seasons moon cake meaning there are 4 types of taste in one single moon cake', and a lot more, I can't remember the names :P........because there are really a big varieties of them in the market. But, for me, I still prefer the traditional type, with the brown skin and not too fancy filling....just plain Red bean paste or Lotus paste with or without egg yolk.

As for my Hubby, he is really a "NO-NO" to sweet food, therefore he would shake his head when ask to take a bite of the moon cake.......LOL. For the kids, they don't really have a liking for moon cakes either, maybe a small piece if I tell them that it's a traditional celebration for Chinese family. Sigh, I think slowly, the modern Chinese will slowly fade of the very traditional type of moon cake as I can see that the sales for moon cake in the bakery shops are not so overwhelming, and even though people do buy, they prefer the cool type, which is the 'Ping Pei' skin and anything that is lighter, as people nowadays are very health conscious.

I still want to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival with my kids and family, but to get the kids to eat moon cake, I decided to make some 'Jelly Moon cake' that I selected from a book that I bought from the bookstore during one of my Sundays. I'm so excited to give it a try as its looks very beautiful and tasty too. I am sure the kids will love it too. So, I have selected a few that I wanted to try out, and decided I will give some to my nieces and nephew for Mid Autumn Festival celebration as a gift.....since most children loves jelly (a.k.a  agar-agar)....even I like agar-agar too........:P

So here are the few types of Jelly Moon cakes I made........try's fun to make and nice to eat...:)

The recipes for these 4 types of jelly moon cakes will be as follows. Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone....xoxo

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