Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's the final chapter for this year 2011

It's hard to believe that today is the final day for the Year 2011, no matter how hard I try to slow it down, and drag a little by little, it still has to come. I know I haven't been consistent, no matter how hard I try, those of you who knows me, will understand that I have been busy with not only my work in the office, and home , juggling housework and 4 kids, and also my part-time baking (orders from customers)........I know how greedy I am, some of you might think of me like that........LOL, well, I wouldn't deny, because I just love my life too much to let anything slip away.

Roast Lamb Shoulder
I love my work as an Education Consultant, helping to place students into the right colleges and universities for the right reason, knowing that they are going to have a bright future ahead of them. I definitely love being a wife to my loving Hubby, whom I know loves me limitlessly each day, I Love YOU, dear!........and to top it off, my awesome "4 angels", could I asked for more from God. They are the ones that makes me work harder each day realizing that my dreams will come true if not because of them, and also for them, I live to be a better person and a more responsible person each day, knowing that I cannot be that selfish, as I have 4 kids to be responsible for if anything happen. Mummy loves YOU 4 lots!!

Fresh Garden Salad
Last but not least, how can ever live my life without something I love to do.....and that is BAKING!! I can't find enough words to describe how much I love to bake, and have baked, and learnt and created this year, thanks to all of you who has given me the opportunity and support. I will post as much as I have missed and though it's outdated, it certainly are some great 'recipes' that you might like to try, and I suggest that you do......*wink*

Cold cooked Ham with Potatoes
To sum it all for this 'awesome' Year 2011, these are the food that we have spread out on our dining table for tonight's celebration while waiting for the countdown to the New Year 2012. Check on my coming updates for the recipes that you saw here....hehe

Philippines Buco Salad
Whole Roasted Turkey

Cheese Baked Rice
Marble Cheese Brownies