Sunday, October 11, 2009


New addition to the family household........hmm, sounds exciting right? Yeap, we had a new addition today to our family. It's been awhile since the kids are making pleas to me and Hubby to get a dog as a pet. Well, I initially thought that we could wait until the boys are older, maybe when they are in the secondary level first before we decide to get a pet –dog.
I was a bit surprised myself when Hubby suddenly decided to get a dog NOW. He suggested we get up early today (Sunday) even-though the boys don't have Sunday School class this week, to head down to Gaya Street Fair. So we all agreed as we haven't been to this fair for a few months already. So we arrived there around 7am, it's busy as usual, crowded with people selling, and buying alike. We slowly strolled our way down through the crowd, and Hubby headed straight to the dog stalls where there is a lady selling varieties of different breed puppies. The main attraction that day was the cage with 3 snowy white puppies and a tag hung onto it that read "Labrador Retriever + English Sheep Dog" (a mixed breed).
Hubby asked the lady if there is a male among the 3 puppies and she pointed to one which appears to be the quietest one. He is so cute and adorable. The kids were jumping with joy and asking if we can bring it home. Hubby negotiated with the lady seller and she decided to sell at RM240 plus 2 bags of Alpo Dog Food. We bought a cage for it too. There we go......that's who we ended having a new addition to the family. We discussed and think for some time before we finally came down to a name for him – and that's "PRESTON". Hello our puppy, Preston......Welcome Preston ^-^

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