Monday, January 18, 2010

Orange Almond Cake.....with a twist

It's been raining for the past two days, and non-stop like this normally makes me feel lazy and blue. Sometimes, I feel like I can lay in bed the whole day and sleep with my blanket covered until my neck....hehe, but unfortunately, it's a weekday, meaning I have to drag myself out of bed to sent Angelica to school and get to work.
Arriving in the office a bit early, I get to check my favourite food blogs before I start work. I clicked on 'My Kitchen Snippets' and found that she has updated her blog with a new recipe - Orange Almond Cake. I find that this combination is very new to me, because it uses ground almond in the recipe, unlike normal cakes that calls for self -raising flour, or cake flour or otherwise, plain flour. Hehe, hearing me say that, you should have guess what I am planning to do next........I decided to take down this recipe and told myself that I am going to make this cake for the kids to bring to school tomorrow.
The outcome of the cake was very rich, moist and has a slight tangy orange flavor and I get pretty good comments from my in-laws about this cake. If you are looking for a twist in your normal orange might want to try this one that uses ground almond ^-^ Happy Cake Baking!

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