Wednesday, November 21, 2018

OREO again...but Chiffon Cake

Oh yes, you heard me right, it's OREO ...again?! hahaha......sorry I was basically in the mood for any OREO baking recently and therefore, this was baked. I would say you'll not regret baking it as it's so airy and soft and its taste delicious of course, anyway, what's not with OREO right?

Anyway, its really easy to make , and I'm pretty sure you already have all the ingredients required in your pantry already. I bookmarked this recipe from Anncoo Journal's blog quite sometime already. And guess what, I made 6 of it within 2 days as one of my gym buddy ordered 4 nos for her daughter's kindergarden teachers as a 'Thank You' gift, then the other 2 was one for my k-zai and another one for kids at home.

Here is the recipe for you to give it a try, bake any chiffon cakes like usual, just that this one, save some whole OREOs for decoration too. I will also link back the original recipe from Anncoo Journal here, just in case you wish to check it out.

You may download this recipe by clicking on the link below:

Hope you give this a try and let me know if you and your family like it or not, and if you have any questions about baking, please do comment below or Like my Facebook page and comment there, baking is always fun when you have a group of people sharing tips and ideas and sharing recipes to bake together.

Till then, Happy baking !

Thursday, November 8, 2018

OREO Mille Crepe Cake for My Twins' 18th Birthday

Yes, it was my twin boys' 18th birthday on the 4th Nov and every year I would make a birthday cake for them. They don't really like rich and dense cakes, and normally I would either bake a Japanese Cottonsoft Cheesecake or a  Castella Sponge for them. However, lately I have been baking a few bit of Castella Sponge cakes , and I guessed they had enough of it, LOL 😄😄😄

So, I decided to try my hands on this Mille Crepe cake instead. As always, when anything that requires a frying pan and stove, I'll normally delegate the job to Hubby 😝 (as some of you may know already that I have a chef husband). I have indeed wanted to try making this cake for a long long time, especially when there was a time, where the world suddenly gone craze over this mille crepe cake. However, knowing that I need a lot of patience standing in front of the stove, low fire grilling at least 20 pieces of crepes, that turns me off 😅😅

But, well, you never say never , as one of these days, you'll change your mind and would just give it a try, WTH right? That's right, this is the day!! 😉 So I chosed this OREO Mille Crepe Cake that I saw in the Youtube by Cooking Tree , you can check out her video here 
(and make a little bit of changes for my own convenience).

The whole process was not a very difficult one, but I must say, making crepe cake, you must really have that 'patience'. The grilling of the crepes, and the assembling of the crepe, that is the part where your patience are really being tested, but I must say, at the end of the whole thing, seeing that one slice of crepe cake, so uniformly stacked , it's all worth the effort, and what's more, it tastes divine!! Ever wonder the feel of a bite on 22 layers of dark chocolate mille crepe, sandwiched in between white chocolate whipped topping cream and in between layers, there are crushed Oreo in it.............ooooh, need I say more? Make it and tell me how do you like it...........cos my boys loved it!

Here is the recipe for you:-

You may download the recipe by clicking on the ink below:

Do let me know how your mille crepe cake turn out, and I would love to hear from you!

Till then, Happy Baking!