Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today is the 'd' day that the socks were on its way to Japan......yes!!! I'm so excited and so were the kids. I told them that I will be heading to the post-office first thing in the morning to get it mailed out to the attention of Mr Jason Kelly.
It was drizzling in the morning and the urge to get to the post -office was so great that I left the house early so that I get a parking somewhere near to the post-office entrance, as you can see, I have 2 boxes of it.......though it's not really big, but it sure does keeps both my hands occupied.
I reached the post-office at 8.10am and already it was packed with people waiting in line with their numbers. I quickly grabbed the consignment note that was ready at the counter and quickly filled it out, while waiting for my turn. I'm so glad and relief after I have safely sent it all out. The officer told me that with "Pos Eskpress" to international, it will take about 10 days as the situation in Japan is not that good now, some of the areas that was badly affected by the tsunami or the earthquake, actually makes transportation a bit difficult.
But, I've made it this far, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that these packages will reached Mr Jason Kelly safe and sound in about 10 days. I will monitor my emails to see the acknowledgment from him, as he promised he will do that to all senders. God bless!!

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