Saturday, April 16, 2011


If only I was that cute.....I wouldn't mind being lazy all day....hehe
Wow! I have been lazy.....yeap, you got it right!! I have been really, very , seriously L-A-Z-Y!!!! What has happened to me? That was not the normal me, usually....though I admit I do feel lazy , once in awhile......but that usually just brush off when I had a full day of recharging. Lately, it's not the case, I dragged myself out of bed, almost everyday just to get Angel ready for school, then when Hubby drives the kids off to school, I would slipped back into bed for that 'short' extra hour of nap again (7am-8am), can you believe it?
Then, at work, I would yawn like a million times from 8.30am - 5pm, and would almost kill myself waiting for the clock to struck five. More so, when Friday is here, I would list a million things to do on my Saturday and Sunday..........but when the S-days are here, I would just give excuses and excuses to scrap everything off to the next week again. Hey!!! That's not me!!!
I think I know where the 'lazy bugs' came was the Taiwan trip that I recently had with my 3 girlfriends (1-5 April). Since we came back, I was dragging myself to do almost everything.........plain lazy huh, hmmmmm..........Need to stop right now, ^_^ Anyway, to get rid of the lazy bug in me, I need something really cold and refreshing to wake me up......and I decided to make some "Mango Pomelo Sago Dessert" that I saw in one of MiL's cookbook. With the heart set to make this dessert, and not having any of the ingredients required at home, this sure gives me a good reason to get my 'lazy butt' off the coach, drove to the CKS Supermarket to get what I need to construct this dessert, hehe.....serves me right, eh!!
But, it sure did worth all the while as the dessert was a hit with the kids begging me to make it again the following weekend. I personally liked it very much too, as I a big fan of anything 'mango' *wink*. if you are thinking of what dessert to have this weekend, do consider this especially I think the Mango season is on now.....or was it not? hehe........ anyway, here's the recipe to it:-

300gm ripe, sweet mangoes, pureed
200gm ripe , sweet mangoes, cubed
300gm Pomelo, segmented
100gm Sago (I did not put this because they were out of stock at the supermarket)

400ml Marigold Mango Peelfresh Juice
Sugar syrup by dissolving 2Tbsp sugar with 200ml water over low heat

150ml Evaporated milk


  1. To prepare Sago, soak and rinsed sago in a bowl for about 30 minutes. Put it into a big pot of boiling water and leave it to boil until the sago turn translucent, then off the fire. Run the cooked sago under running water. Drained and set aside.
  2. Dissolve the sugar with water over low heat. When the sugar is dissolved, turn the heat off, stir in the evaporated milk and pureed mangoes and leave to cool. Once it is cool, add in the mango juice, sago and segmented pomelo sacs and stir well.
  3. Chill in the refrigerator well  before's very refreshing and yummy!!

 Lazy bugs are gone!! Yes....;)


edith said...

I love this dessert.

Malli said...

Pomelo is another citrus fruit that I love and it sounds like a yummy dessert!

Mumto4Angels said...

Hi Malli,

I couldn't agree more but to tell you that this dessert is really "YUMMY" and very refreshing too, if you have kids, they'll definitely love it *wink*
Give it a try and let me know ya , hehe.