Thursday, March 24, 2011

CAN YOU HELP?..................SOCKS FOR JAPAN

I'm sure everyone heard about the great breaking news of the recent March 11, 2011- Earthquake and Tsunami hit on Japan. It's so devastating and heartbreaking when I saw the waves quickly swallowing up the lands of many farmers, houses to thousands and millions, cars and trucks of every drivers, and even pushing the ships onshore like it doesn't weigh a hundred tonnes.
Until today, they 387,000 and even more living in the 2,200 shelters , man and women, babies and children of all ages, young and old. I don't know if you have ever thought of ever lending a helping hand to them.......maybe you might think that we are a world apart, and that is not possible? Or maybe, you doubt that what you contributed will not make any difference compared to others? But have you ever think that sometimes, it's not contribution that comes in the form of money or food that is the most important and useful........of course there are.....but sometimes, very little and basic daily necessity (especially to the Japanese) we overlooked such as "a pair of clean warm socks" will give them the moments of comfort on the spot when they put in on.
This is a website that one of my friend in Facebook posted and it really caught my attention as I was feeling very down since the natural disaster struck Japan ......I don't know why and what connection I have with them , but I felt deeply sorry and sad for them. I really wish I can help even though it the form of a very small 'token'.....and this is exactly what I found meaningful and heartwarming  - "SOCKS FOR JAPAN".
Please kindly take a moment of your time to click on the link and see what you can do .........even 10 pairs makes a big difference to these people. Below is a paragraph that I extracted from the official "Socks For Japan" website that explains "WHY SOCKS" and not other things ? which I think might actually help you to realize and understand, your participation makes a difference to this world.......even though its only "SOCKS".

Several reasons. Many of the victims ended up barefoot after fleeing in a hurry. In the disaster zone, feet get wet and then extra cold at night, especially in currently freezing weather. People often forget about socks in favor of more obvious items like blankets and jackets. Receiving a new, fresh pair of socks provides a moment of comfort. If those socks arrive with a caring note as well, it’s very heartening for victims. If you’ve ever been stuck in a pair of wet, cold socks or no socks at all, perhaps you remember how soothing it felt to pull on a warm, dry pair. Victims have already requested socks on TV news.
Socks aren’t primary support, but a token of care that will last beyond their small mid-crisis comfort. All supplies exist here in Japan, so we wanted something that delivered meaning past the need of the moment, something more special than what people get from emergency teams and government supplies. Military socks are not the most comfortable. Small joys matter. A March 17 CNN article observed about the victims: “It was the little things that helped them retain their sanity as an end to crisis still seemed distant.”


p/s: I have received a reply from "Socks for Japan", Ms Machiko on the Care Letter's translation this morning, and my kids (each of them willing to contribute their daily savings (Pocket money) to buy as many pairs of socks and I'm in the midst of preparing the 'Little Warm Message' to be attached to each pair of socks. Next, I'll head to the store to buy some 'Ziplock Bags' and lots and lots of colourful SOCKS for all ages.....take the first step like I did, I promise you that you'll not regret ;)

Stay tuned.......will update you on the progress.....later! 

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