Thursday, March 8, 2012

To Kasutera With Love (2nd Attempt)

Hehe, from the title of this posting, you would have guessed it right that my 2nd attempt was a 'SUCCESS'. Yes, how could it not be, when after the last attempt (dated back then May 17, 2010), gosh!! can you imagine how long was that? I must be too terrified to even schedule the 2nd attempt., LOL

Anyway, after all these while, I have not stop looking and searching for a more simpler and straight to the point recipe for this cake. In fact, it happen right about the same timing, that just two days ago, Ann of AnnCoo Journal made her Castella Cake and posted it on Facebook. It kinda stir me up a little to give it a try again, and it's about time to overcome this fear of failing.......LOL

I took her advice to look out for the links that she has given - Roti N Rice and Yummy , and finally decided to give it a try. However, since the recipe that Ann got was from Roti N Rice, and Roti N Rice got hers from Yummy, I decided to use the later one, as it requires very few things that I already have it all in my kitchen. That's how my successful story begins........

Anyway, what I wish to say is that, I read back the recipe that I used last time, it was so much complicated and overly detailed , that makes you feel that you need to be really cautious when making this cake. In fact, after baking my 2nd Castella, the truth behind this cake's nothing that complicated, or hard, it's just that you need to keep it "SIMPLE" to your own understanding. Conclusion, I'm sorry to say, the previous recipe I used, is just too much unnecessary highlights :P

Yield a 7' inch Square Cake

5 egg yolks (room temperature)
4 egg whites (room temperature)
125gm Castor sugar
100gm Bread flour (sifted)
15gm brown sugar ( I didn't measure mine, just sprinkle enough to cover the surface )
50gm honey + 2 -3 Tbsp hot water (stir to dilute)

I would strongly recommend that you guys check the 'step-by -step' method illustration put up by
You will not get it me!

OK, the additional things that I did apart from what YummyWorkshop mentioned in her recipe was......I threw my baking pan from a foot high to the table top counter , not once, but thrice!! LOL....ya, I know I can be quite crazy at times, that's how extreme I can be sometimes :P Guess what, I am really amazed as my cake did not sink or shrink a bit after the cooling down process!! Well, I don't know if the "throwing" really has an effect or maybe I'm just lucky , hehe

After wrapping my Castella Cake with parchment paper and cling wrap, stored it into the fridge for an overnight rest. Gosh, you seriously don't know how long the night has been for me to wait for the day to come, LOL

Today, early morning when I opened my eyes.....the first thing that came to my mind was Kasutera Cake in the fridge!! I ran down, opened the fridge, took it out, and slowly unwrapping the opening a bomb, was still gorgeous, and it's moist from the outlook of it. Using a really sharp knife, I trimmed off the sides, and then slice it to a thick small 'square shape' pieces as all Kasutera Cake looks in those blogs. I guessed that's how it was presented to people when you serve Kasutera Cake :)

In every cut, I can feel the cake is springy to the touch, the air-holes are so refine and there is no loose crumbs dropping from the knife, which shows how 'intact' this cake is eventhough it is so soft, like sponge, I really meant 'a piece of sponge' .....especially when you tear it, it really is like tearing a piece of sponge, LOL

Sigh, I better don't confuse you too much , if can't understand what I'm trying to say here, copy down this recipe and start baking will understand exactly the way I feel about this cake :) I have fell in love with it, and you will be seeing me baking another version of Kasutera very soon.......the Green Tea flavor one , wish me luck ya!!

Till then, bake a Kasutera , and you'll love it, I can 100% guarantee you ;)

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