Friday, September 3, 2010

Forgive me for my absence lately........

Gosh! Time has really flies by so fast without me realising that it's already September......and I haven't been posting any latest bake so far. Please forgive me as the last 2 weeks of August was a nightmare to me.......all my 4 kids were down with high fever, cough and flu and sore throat. I don't know when was the last time something like this happened in the past........but it sure gives me enough sleepless nights, and rushing up and in and out of the clinic, seeking for doctor's advice and requesting for medical leave for the kids, as 3 of my boys are hit at the time when the 2nd term examination is on.......Sigh!!

Therefore, I was left with no time to think of anything else (definitely not baking) but only what time and what doses of medicine to give to which kid.......round the clock. Come to think of it now, I'm quite good with the medicine names, doses and also the exact weight of each of my children, says the phamarcist when I went to purchase medicine for them. I can spell out everything she wants to know without a blink........LOL, I guessed this shows how much I'm a "Mumto4Angels" is.......LOL

Anyway, I promise I will try to go back to baking like usual this not to neglect those challenges that I joined, and also to those who faithfully follow my blogs ^-^
By the way, I have just started to venture into a small cupcakes business on my own called "Cupcakes Fairytale" , from home, on a very small scale, just to cater to those friends who used to order from me. Please do feel free to pop into this link and well, if you would like to try .........I would be happy to be a part of your fairytale.

Lastly, this is what I found 'weird' during my absence while I was baking one batch of my cupcake orders, hehe. Seen anything like this before?


wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

Oh... then it must have been a difficult period for you.
Take care and rest well.

I've seen weird egs before too, and it feels scary to hold it in the hand.

Anonymous said...

The egg is indeed weird! Glad you are back posting!

Mumto4Angels said...

Hi Ellie,
Yeap,this is by far the weirdest egg I have ever seen, I wonder what happened, LOL :P

Hi Wendy,
Yes it was hard to have 4 kids sick at the same time.....but I'm glad it is all over now, thanks for the well wishes and I'll definitely take good care of myself, cos the kids need my care :) You take care too ya...xoxo