Tuesday, March 29, 2011


As promised to update you guys on the progress of our mission to participate in the "Socks For Japan" activity, here.....you can see my 4 kids doing their part in contributing not only their savings $$$ but also their effort to make it possible. I felt truly proud of each of them , as with a word of complaint , they efficiently completed the task that I assigned to them ^-^ Praise the Lord !!
75 pairs of socks for "Socks for Japan", Care Messages and Ziplock Bags
I think "One will feel most happiest , is when One has done something that One thinks that it is truly meaningful, not to Oneself, but to OTHERS."

We accumulated our money contribution and I headed to "SoxWorld" to pick the socks. I chose different sizes for different age group and colour and for both Female and Male. With the amount of money, we managed to buy 75 pairs of socks altogether. Then, I received the 'Care Message' that I sent earlier (2 days ago) to Jason Kelly's website to have it translated to Japanese. I duplicated 75 pieces of it and have it printed out.
The translated 'Care Message' in Japanese Language
Ian, Daniel, Dylan and Angelica doing their task of inserting each pair of socks into the Ziplock bag......
...attached a Care Message, compressed and sealed it, then lastly, labeled it.
All nicely packed 'With Love" from the kids
And so the packaging is done. Now, I will have to go search for box to store these socks for sending out soon. As I will be leaving for overseas on the 1st April, I will need to get this done within these 2 days.....Hurry!!

Stay tuned for the final chapter of 'Socks for Japan'......from US!

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