Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pushing the "Start" button....finally

Hi all.....I have always think that blogging is like some kind of commitment , that once you decided to start, it'll be ongoing.......forever. I love reading people's blogs, especially those that really stir-up my interest like ......baking, for instance. Some of the bloggers that I have been following are really very good in this........their photos are great looking, very professionally taken, their experience in baking and cooking, their blogs lay-out are well edited and very impressive looking, and most of all, I just love and salute their commitment in updating their blogs so very often in a week........sometimes you just get a notification that they have updated their blogs, when the last time you have seen it was only yesterday.....;)  
Then, I also think that only a writer will write a good blog, whom I am definitely not....hahaha....but don't be surprise, you'll find a lot of other people who really just love to blog about anything....and I think that's pretty annoying in a way........and also encouraging too.....depends on how you look at it, hehe ^_^
Well, for me, I will blog about my trials and attempts in baking (and maybe some cooking too) that I have just started to fall in love with. I'll use this blog of mine to jot down the number of recipes I have tried, the number of meltdowns (or failure) that I have encountered before finally finding victory in it, the little experiences that I have gained and maybe even tips that I have gathered. So, this blog is more of a 'MY DIARY" kind of thing and not so much of showing off my work of art or experiences, which I think I really still have a long way to go, to reach that level :P
Like anyone, I love to eat, and that is it.........don't ever ask me to cook up something, or else you will end up in calling in for a delivery.....LOL       But that is really funny as I have a Chef husband , who just loves to cook, and that is his profession. Maybe because he is such a good husband, he doesn't force me to learn to cook all these years.....and I have never cook a dish in my life.....unless you called "Maggi with egg and ham" is a dish, LOL.......
Anyway, I'll start by introducing my family to you first, so that in the future, when I mentioned their names, you guys would know who I'm referring to :)
The "Head Chef" of the house is my Hubby, CLARENCE; the "Trendy Boy" is my eldest son, IAN; the "Great Foodtaster" is my elder twin, DANIEL; the "Smarty" is my younger twin, DYLAN and lastly the "Little Princess" of the house, that is my youngest daugther, ANGELICA. OK, so much for an intro, I will start my blogging as soon as I lay my hands on the first recipe I set my eyes the way, please feel free to leave your I will really appreciate it. Till then, see you guys soon......hope you will enjoy reading my journey......cheers and thanks for dropping by!

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