Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm back.......and promise to stay connected!!

It's been a long time.....and I've finally realized that I have not be updating my blog for eh.........a few months.......?? *tongue* Anyway, I'm back and guess what, I'm gonna make a promise to stay in and about from now onwards.......possible everyday or at least every other day, OK? Thanks for being there and still patiently checking in here with me, you guys are the best.......EVER!! Love ya *muaks*

Let's mark today, 7th July 2011....start of a new chapter in this blog of mine. I will not only post what I have bake, or cook.......but in addition, I will also include my family and my daily life's experience in here. Well, of course, I don't wish to bore you, but at least with the intention that you get to know me as a person more besides just my baking....hehe

Yeah !! It's the month of July and I always like July besides December, as this is the month where it marks the starting of the second half of the year, and also a reminder that I'm another year wiser.....hehehe...I mean 'older'......but hey, what's wrong with getting older, the most important is "we age gracefully" *wink* and every year passed was achieved with great satisfaction. I'm very contended and blessed and I always thank GOD for the very abundant blessings that he has given me....Amen!!

So, a promise is a promise, the next post will be in the house .....shortly........stay tuned!

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