Thursday, May 20, 2010

Superb Congo Bars

I'm very excited today as I am leaving on a jet-plane to Singapore early tomorrow morning……..yeah…..will be meeting with a good friend that I have been missing for a year now. She (Joanne) has moved to Johor to work a year ago and I have promised her that I will visit her one day ……….for sure before she comes back to KK again. Since the timing is right, this is the time as she will be moving back to KK early July. Therefore, I will be away from the 21st – 23rd June and most likely will not be posting anything these few days. I am now planning to bake something for JO as she requested something from my oven….LOL ^-^ I have checked with her if she is a fan of 'chocolate' and she said 'YES'… looks like I'm going to bake something from chocolate and I'm definitely going to make it very rich and chocolaty.

 I have bumped into this recipe called 'Congo Bars' just few days ago and I find it very much like a 'brownie' but a little different in the texture and also this uses 100% brown sugar instead of castor sugar. So I'm going to give this recipe a try and see how yummy it is……..since I'm also a big fan of Chocolate and also anything that taste like Brownie…….:P
This is where I got this recipe. I find that the texture is so much like a brownie after I took a bite, but the color is a lot lighter than normal brownies would have…….as this one uses 100% brown sugar, it has a lighter shade of brown, but the amount of chocolate chips dumped into it, sure produces a very chocolaty and rich Congo Bars……hehe. The only alterations I did in this recipe is I cut down quite a lot on the amount of sugar used……..from 453gm (1lb) to 300gm only…..and yet I still find it sweet though…… do cut more down if you wish.
I wouldn't be typing down the recipe again as it would be better if you go straight to this website and take it down……..because there are some awesome pictures and ideas in making this Congo Bars in other varieties besides using chocolate chips…….so, check it out……and you might like to try out those other suggestions…..once again, Happy 'Congo Bars' baking………see you after the 23rd June……..cheers!!

  Happy Congo Bars Baking, dudes!!

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