Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Matcha Kasutera Cake ........It's Green & Good

Someone told me that once you get something working out for you, the drive to keep doing it is 'just so unbearable', and I totally agree , LOL. The funny thing is that I didn't just got myself crazy about it, but I have 'a number' of bakers in Facebook going 'goo-goo ga-ga' over this cake too!! Oh gosh, I hope this is of a good cause, hehe........but I wouldn't say it's not, and I would dare to say, "once you try , you will want it ".......hahaha

Anyway, I would be a little surprise if you don't like this cake, though I know some of you that really doesn't. For me, now that I know how to bake this Kasutera Cake, I would choose this over any cakes , seriously!! I wasn't quite a 'cake person' though I do love to bake them........but , Kasutera is just something different, hehe

After trying out the original version of it, I was so in the drive to make another one and another might think I'm nuts!! My MiL thought so........she just doesn't get it why this cake is so special and so nice?? (Well, she doesn't really like it that much as she complaint that the honey has an after-taste after being bake........but I totally loved it!! I guess that is the 'indifference' between MiL and DiL.......kekekeke, sssssHhhhhhhh, just between you and me ya ;)

Well, like I said earlier, I just wanted to bake another one after the first, so I decided to try the 'Green Tea' flavor as I saw RotiNRice's Match Kasutera Cake was gorgeous, hehe

.........and so it was being baked. Verdict :  "This is even better than the original. I don't know is it because it was "Green Tea" in flavor, that I love it even more! Anyway, you wouldn't understand what I'm trying to tell you here, unless you try it :p

The recipe to the first one was exactly the same, the only additional item added to it was , of course "Matcha Powder aka Green Tea Powder" - 2Tbsp, try to use the very good quality ones ;)

Let me know how you like it ya....till then, toodles!

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