Thursday, April 1, 2010

LEARN2BAKE CLUB..............A learn to bake club of our own

I'm so glad to announce that I have created a club for interest sharing bakers to get together to bake every month, and share and blog about it in this club of our own. I got this idea from the "Daring Bakers Challenge" that I join and since I know that a lot of my friends out there also shares the same interest and passion for baking......though not professionally, but we are all baking for fun and as a hobby. I'm a new baker myself and yearns to learn every little thing in baking as much as I can, and I think with this club, we can get together every month, propose a challenge, and bake it from A-Z. 
Our very first challenge kick start in the month of April, 1st (April Fools Day, haha) and the theme for the month was suggested by me, as the first challenge.....and it's Back to Basic Butter Cake for a start...hehe
The reason why I pick Butter Cake is because this cake requires the most basic ingredients and whether you are a new baker or an experienced one, Butter Cake can be quite tedious in making, this would be a good start for all members, a good one for those who just started to bake not so long ago. You will learn to monitor your own oven temperature, on how to thoroughly mix the egg well with the butter and sugar batter in batch and the rest, I'll leave it to you to find out. Anyway, FYI, my very first cake was Butter Cake too ^-^
I always believe that one head is better than one, so if we bake and share our recipes, tips and any thing that we encounter during that baking process, we will learn and grow from there.......unless of course some people are very selfish to share their baking tips and recipes to others.........then that's a different story. I hope those of you who read this blog of mine, and are interested to join, please click on the link above and join us! We are not talking about showing offs, or comparing whose better here in this's mainly a club of our very own, where we can talk about our baking ........nothing but baking........and topics as basic as ingredients to utensils, measuring to mixing, whisking to piping, molding to cutting, temperature to baking......anything basically!! Isn't that great? We don't have any experts here in the club.....or even if we do...we are all equal in this club......OK!! So welcome to "Learn2Bake" where you bake with no pressure........we try, we test and lastly we taste whatever we bake........;)

Let's Learn & Bake 2gether!

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