Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to My ‘Trendy Boy’ Ian……you are 11th!!

Happy Birthday to you my dear Ian…….you are 11th!! Looking back to the eleven years that have past us by so fast, I can't believe that is was actually eleven years ago. What I can say is that I'm glad you are borne into this world as my son, I would exchange nothing for you as you are so dear to me and to your dad too. I still remember seeing you the first time in the clinic after the anesthetic went off, and I regained my conscious………the nurse brought you into the room to me. You are like a gift that God has sent from heaven above to me and your dad after all the losses that we have encountered before your arrival. I'm so happy to have you, IAN!! I will always love you my dear son, xoxo.You have grown so much over the 11 years of your life, and I'm so proud of you…….I always will!
So, for Ian's birthday, we did not celebrate big as he also wanted it to be as simple as possible, he was telling me that he only want to celebrate big when he is 12 years old, as that time, he will be parting with some of his school friends to go to their own preferred high school. So, I promised him that he will have a birthday celebration at home next year ;)
This year, he only wanted to treat his classmates some cupcakes and spend his birthday at home with a little family celebration with his brothers, sisters and mum & dad. So, I made him some 'Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream frosting' and he chose to decorate it with some soccer balls, as he said he started to like watching soccer already since the FIFA Worldcup 2010….hehe, that's good, now I have another football companion to cheer over the matches with……LOL
Here are the cupcakes that I made and was then sent to his school for his classmates to eat and celebrate with him on the 23rd July…..^-^

Then, on the actual day I decided to make a whole cake for him to be cut and celebrate at home. I have never tried 'edible icing image' before and however found that it's really easy to use and it's very presentable too. I made a 'Chocolate Sponge Cake and Oreo Fresh Cream' as frosting, then top with red glaced cherries and croquent flakes as decoration.
Here are the photos of the celebration……cheers, Ian!

Happy Birthday to IAN, Mummy loves you forever, muaks!!


wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

Time flies with kids hoh.
I also can't believe my elder daughter is going to kindergarden next year!!! Time really flies, and I'm getting old!

Mumto4Angels said...

Hahaha Wendy, if you are getting old, than I'm ancient, LOL.
Let's just say, only by getting old then we will treasure and savour the beauty in life that we have been through :) Cheers ya !!