Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vanilla Ice-Cream

Ice-cream is a favourite to everyone, whether you are young or old..........that's what I think. I love ice-cream as long as I can remember must be at a very young age, hehe. Well, until now, I still love it, I wouldn't turn away from ice-cream if I saw one at any place. My favourite ones would be 'Rum & Raisin', 'Cookies & Cream' , 'Chocolate', 'Coffee' and 'Mango'..........but basically, any flavours will attract me ^-^

As we are living in Malaysia, a country that has 365 days of humid and hot weather, I think the only thing that we would love to indulge in during this kind of weather would be anything cold, refreshing and sweet. My freezer seldom runs out of ice-cream as the kids just love ice-cream as much as I do. They prefer to have a 'Vanilla' flavour one at home, as the boys like to make 'float' with carbonated drink and as for Angelica, she likes to sprinkle with 'hundreds & thousands' or popped some chocolate chips into it.

I have never make any ice-cream before as I always thought that you need an 'ice-cream maker' to do that.........and I don't have one. When I was in KL last year for holiday with the kids, I went to this 'MPH Bookstore' at Mid Valley and found this interesting book called "Yummy Cold Dessert Made Easy" by Kelly Tang. Well, indeed it is very easy when I read the book, it teaches you how to make ice-cream without having to use an ice-cream maker. I bought this book and I promise the kids and also myself, that when I get back to KK, I am definitely going to make my very first DIY ice-cream, LOL

I have chosen to make 'Vanilla Ice-Cream" as this is what the kids selected from the book, and I also thought that  that would be a good idea too, as it is among all the recipes in the book........the least ingredients used, and very straightforward too.........should be ideal for a beginner like me, at least in ice-cream making ^-^

Believe me, it is really simple, and the result is pretty satisfying's creamy, smooth and the best thing is you can reduce the sweetness (sugar) as you are in control. Give it a try I am pretty satisfied with it and will be making the next tub very soon ;) Happy Ice-cream making.



(A) 3 egg yolks

        60gm castor sugar (I reduced mine to 40gm, as the non-dairy whipping cream is already sweet)

        2 tsp vanilla essence

      *150gm dairy whipping cream (You may substitute this 150gm dairy whipping cream with 100gm fresh   milk, if you don't want a strong milky taste, I did mine)

(B) 250gm non-dairy whipping cream 

  1. Mix (A) until well combined and double boil until thicken. Remove from heat and leave to cool.
  2. Beat (B) until stiff peak. Mix all mixture (A+B) together and stir well.
  3. Pour into a prepared container and freeze overnight or until set. Ready to serve :)

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