Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jamie Oliver ‘Bloomin’ Brilliant Brownies’....oh yeah

Sorry for the late post up of this awesome brownies that I have mentioned in my Facebook status........that must have kept you guys wondering hooooooow......good it is??....hehe I for one are a huge fan of anything chocolaty (I think I mentioned this few times already lah, sorry ah J) and brownie is definitely in my list of favourites. When it comes to brownies, some people like the 'cakey' type which is a bit dry, but I personally like the one that is fudgy and really rich, and this Jamie Oliver's Blomin' Brilliant Brownies are exactly the ones that I have been looking for all these while. In fact I do have one brownie recipe that I have made a few times already and find it quite good - Cocoa Brownies, but then after this JO's one .....sorry to say I fell for JO's brownie. OK, without further blah, blah, blah.............try this recipe and tell you , this is definitely a one to keep in your collection......^-^ Happy Brownie Baking!


Happy Brownies Baking, dear!

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