Saturday, February 11, 2012

Simple & Easy is always good......Almond Florentines

Agree?  LOL.......Well, depends on what, right? I used to have doubts when people tells me the 'easiest' way to get things done. I always think that doing the proper way is the way to get it done....there is always 'no such thing as shortcut'. Of course, in this case, it's a different 'simple & easy'  method to get things done.........and you just have to agree with me that it is G-O-O-D! *wink*

When I was in KL during the recent Chinese New Year celebration, I went to my sister's house for a CNY gathering with the other siblings. She is a dedicated baker and cook herself, therefore there were lots of goodies and cookies stored in jars and air-tight containers, all made by her and her daughter, Kimberly. I sat down on the couch, enjoying and taste-testing all of by one, hehe. One that really caught me hanging to it was this 'thin transparent-like' Almond Florentine.

According to my sis, it's really easy to prepare and you only need these two things that you can get it at BWM ......

Bee Sting Mix (600gm for RM18.00 and Almond Slices (500gm for RM14.00)
So, once I got back from KL, I decided to get to BWM soonest I can and lay my hands on these two items, and I found it!! hehe....however, due to my SiL's wedding after that, I totally have to put it aside first :( 
Now that the wedding is over, and I have no cake orders as it's high time I get back on my personal blogging, kekeke :P

As mentioned already, it was really super easy. BWM's lady boss told me to follow the recipe that they published in one of their baking book, which uses the following measurements, however, I found that it's not really necessary, as I just draw out my own measurement according to my own judgement :P (and it works out nicely)

Recipe from BWM's Lady Boss : 100gm Bee-Sting Mix and 150gm Almond slices (lightly toasted).

Pre-heat oven to 200~C. Use a 10x14x1 baking tray, lined with parchment / baking paper. Evenly spread the Bee-Sting Mix on the parchment paper. Remember, do not spread a thick layer, just enough to cover the paper (thinly). Then spread the 'toasted' Almond slices evenly on the mix, and bake for 10 -12 minutes, depending on your oven heat. You will see the mixture bubbling when the temperature heats it up, and it melts to blend the almond slices and glued them on. Let it bubble for awhile and then take it out from the oven when you see your almond starts to brown.

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