Monday, August 15, 2011

Elvis Presley's Favourite Pound The King's taste

Hi, ever wonder why a cake was named after someone? Well, I am always curious when I saw a certain food or dish that are named after someone , as you just never know what's the story behind it. I mean, for example, the Famous Amos Chocolate Chips cookies, it's named after the founder - Mr Wally Amos and lots more .....
This recipe tag "Elvis Presley's favourite Pound Cake" surely caught my attention when I was browsing through the Epicurious website for some cake recipes last year. I told myself that I'm going to bake this cake to find out the story behind it and also to why Elvis would say that it's his favourite. This recipe have been sitting on the No.1 post in my 'To Bake' list for so long, and finally, I realized that I have to bake it.....TODAY!!!
Without any delay, I updated my Facebook status (hehe, posting the status in FB will helped give me a 'push'), and immediately I have instant supporters encouraging me to bake, it's a must bake, says Wendy (love you Wendy, you always inspires and motivates me, hehe). I have no more excuses to skip this time, and immediately head home after work, set my work station and.......tadah!
Look at the pictures, and I'm sure you'll agree with me that this cake looks smooth and sleek in every angle, and the cake texture.........umph! ...perfect in every's moist and smooth, the so impact on the crumb but yet, it's not the dense and dry type , that you need water to wash it down your throat......well, I can tell I don't know how to describe the perfectness of this cake........but trust me.....if Elvis can call it 'his' must be something! *wink*

I used a 10 inch bundt tin to bake this cake (just because I haven't yet had a chance to use my bundt tin since I bought it), but I'm sure any cake tin will be just fine. You can find the recipe here @ Epicurious and the only thing that I altered was the amount of sugar used (I used only 1-1/4 cups instead of 3 cups) , that's all.....the rest are all as per the original recipe.

By the way, about how this cake got it's name, I google a little more and found that the story behind was that "this recipe actually appeared in a local newspaper (in the US) about 20 years ago, submitted by an old lady , who was a dear friend of The King of Rock'n' Roll, Elvis Presley. She made this Pound Cake for him every Christmas and also on special occasions, and he loved it. The old lady made the paper keep their promise in keeping her name anonymous , in fear of people would deluge her Tupelo Mississippi home with request by fans to make her cakes for them."

Anyway, I don't know how true it was, but am sure glad that I bumped into such good recipe....cheers to the old lady and Elvis!

Oh, not forgetting,  I have a 'helper'  when I'm baking this cake, LOL.......introducing my 'Little Baker'  - Angelica. :)

It's always nice when you have a helper in the kitchen......hmm, or should I say, "sometimes", LOL . Anyway, this baking session was definitely fun for me and Angel as I haven't been having such a relax mood in the kitchen for quite some time you know, baking for orders are very different from baking for leisure. I would love to bake like this you Sweetie ...xoxo

So, here's wishing you Happy Baking 
and have a great weekend with your family!!


wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

The crumb looks perfect!
You make me want to bake this again, I have whipping cream inthe fridge now!

Mumto4Angels said...

Good morning Wendy,
It's good to hear I have managed to get you into the mood of baking this cake, hehe, go-go and start baking :)