Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Wow!!! I must say so myself (with 3 'exclamation' blog was so empty for the month of October, and it's already quickly approaching to mid –month, where you can see other bloggers have more than 5-6 entries posted, some even more L *Sigh*.......what can I say, I was hit with a 'lousy' and 'busy' month in September...and that drags on until recently, in fact, the effect is still there.

Sometimes, it's just so sad when you least expect your close friend would do something to betray you, and yet, they did. When you wish tomorrow will be a better day....and yet it turned out to be the worst day of your life. Then, when you try to pick up the pieces and start all over are being hurt again the second time, this time even harder and deeper by the same person. When you think that tomorrow you can finally have some quality time with your loved ones......but you are working on a Sunday too. Well, that's life.........right? I know.....but sometimes it's just human to shout it out loud, eventhough you don't mean to shake the whole world up and tell them how do you feel right now. Who would care? Sometimes, I felt that we are actually living in a world of our own.......very big but yet so small too; lots of people around you, but yet you felt lonely....... L

What the h---!! I'm fine now.....those who have done damage to me, thanks to you, I've become even stronger!! So, let this be the first entry to October, a whole new month for me, and a whole new chapter has begun.......let the past be gone, and I knew my 'tomorrows' will be bright and sunny........with other true friends and those who loved me ^-^ cheers!!

And so......I have actually baked something in October, just that my mind was not there at that time to quickly post it up, therefore, here's the sum-up of what I have baked, in fact I have one that I totally forgot to take a picture of it, and that is my craving on "Carrot Walnut Cake with Rich Creamy Cheese frosting....hehe......despite I'm having a lousy mood, LOL

Recipe for this 'Peanut Butter cookies can be found here.

.....and the baking continues ;)


Cynthia said...

hey.. hang on there... and YES, when we down, we BAKE... and it feels whole lot better when we imagine our problem being 'whip' or 'fold' like those in the mixer.. muahaha.. :D Cheer UP!

wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

Oh.. I know how that feels, when there is so many people around, yet, feels so lonely. But I'm glad you're better now.

Mumto4Angels said...

Hi Cynthia.....hehe, I alawys smile when I say that, it's funny that I'm also calling myself, LOL
Thanks dear for the encouragement, you sure are 'damn'( sorry for my language) right that when we 'whip' and 'fold' those ingredients, we are burying it all into a 'yummy and delicious' cake.....LOL...thanks again, Cynthia...xoxo

Wendy, well, life in this world is like that, no matter how we hate it, but it actually bolts down to how we see it and deals with it, if we just treat it like 'a blanket of cloud' , then I think we are fine.....hehe, thanks dear, for your comfort...xoxo

Jess @ Bakericious said...

I have ever been through too and hope you are feeling better now!

edith said...

Cynthia, hang on there. When one door closes another opens.

This is what happened to me too. 11 years of friendship went up in smoke becoz I no longer lived up the lifestyle of hers. Another one 27 years of friendship when up in smoke too becoz she become rich and I am still stuck here.

It hurts because so much effort were put into it but at the end of the day, I was treated so but you know what, a new friend came along, more sincere and not judgemental brought more joy and laughter. I no longer have to give and give but enjoy the joy of receiving and giving.

So yea!!! cheers to friendship again.

Mumto4Angels said...

Hi Edith,

Thank you for your 'words of wisdom' ....I truly learned from this lesson, well, so much so I hate to admit that the feeling seriously hurts very much, even till now, but like you said, we lose some and at the same time, gain some too. I wouldn't let such thing hold me down, so I'm moving on and I'm pretty sure that, I'm much stronger thanks to her lessons. LOL, cheers Edith to 'better and more sincere' friends!!

That's Ron said...

hang in there... it will be ok

Mumto4Angels said...

Thanks Ron....It's good to know that someone cares ;)