Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mooncake ....or not? (1)

It's the month of September, meaning the Chinese calendar is in the 8th month of the year still.......and Mid -Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival falls in this month. When I was a little girl, I just don't seem to understand why mooncakes can only be eaten during Mooncake Festival and not any other day?? hmm......funny huh! 
Anyway, I think nowadays, people can make mooncakes to eat anytime and any day they feel like eating....eventhough it's not Mid-Autumn Festival. Last year, when I just started to bake in August, I was still very new to baking, so was not confident enough to bake some mooncakes, instead make some 'jelly mooncakes' for the kids.....something more simpler that does not requires so much research and skills....LOL 

This year, I challenged myself to try baking some tradisional mooncakes as Ian requested that I made some homemake 'lotus paste' mooncakes for him. Wah! that was quite a request though, as if he knew his mother would be able to bake some for him with just a snap of my fingers....:P
I started researching and googling in the internet, look through some other bloggers experience and tips on making mooncake, and of course bought myself a "mooncake cookbook" too.
Guess what, I didn't know that lotus paste or any other oft he mooncake fillings can be that demanding during this season.......almost all the cake ingredients chops in KK ran out of stock on these fillings. I went to BWM just a week before the actual Mid-Autumn festival, and was told that they sold every single pack of fillings (whether it is lotus paste, red bean, green bean or green tea or durian paste) a week ago. OK.......gotcha!! Now what?? I was asking myself what else can I stuff into these mooncake that Ian will eat? hmm.......
Then, consider myself lucky, one of the cashier at BWM told me that a lady informed them that she has extra packets of lotus paste and durian paste that she is willing to sell out to those interested at the same price she bought from BWM :)  She gave me the telephone contact number and I called to enquire, managed to secure a pack of lotus paste, phew!!!

And so, this year, I made some 'Mini Lotus Paste Mooncakes' for my family to taste for Mid-Autumn Festival, though I must say, I'm not very satisfied with the result of the mooncakes, it does not look as nice and pretty as the ones sold in the supermarkets........but one's edible and the kids loved it!! LOL
I will add this mooncake into my list of "To Bake" as I attempted to try it again, guess i found my weakness and mistake along the way, so, I'm not posting the recipes up here as yet until I have perfected it myself first.
Till then .................

Happy Mid-Autumn festival to you all!!


Jess @ Bakericious said...

last yr I tried making mooncakes the 1st time, I tried making baked version, snowskin version and even jellies :P. This yr I dun ve mood but no choice still have to do it since had promised to make as giveaways, so at the end I only made baked and snowskin vesion.

Well done for 1st baking :).

Mumto4Angels said...

Thanks Jess encouragement :)
Ya, in fact this year I was also not really in the mood for making anything related to mooncakes, but because my eldest requested, so no choice, have to bake some......and luckily he liked it, eventhough it does not really pass my own jurisdiction, LOL