Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's good to be BACK!

Hi there everyone! I'm back.........hehe, from my niece wedding and also from my holidays in KL with the kids!! My blog must have been so, so quiet for quite sometime.....hehe, luckily I didn't see any mushroom growing here yet, LOL.
Anyway, here's wishing you guys "Happy Holidays" and as Christmas is just around the corner, I'm sure you guys must be very busy shopping for presents, and those who loves to bake, will be busy baking cookies for this wonderful season. I'm back and haven't been baking for the last 2 weeks. The last baking that I did was  that batch of cupcakes for my dearest niece's wedding. Like I said, I'm back, so does the baking, hehe.
Today I will start to refill back the pages of my blogs and this will be some pictures that I have taken during my niece wedding and also my holiday with kids in KL and also Genting Highlands.
It's been a great wedding and a great family bonding time, those love and laughters that I have missed, are all back again and the holiday that I had with my kids, were a really great one, though my Hubby was unable to join us. I hope the next family holiday, he will be able to join in, me and the kids will be looking forward to that day to come.

28th November , 2009 – My Niece Wedding Day

Cupcakes that I made for Siew Yee's wedding 

4th -12th December, 2009 -Holidays in KL and Genting Highlands with the kids

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