Saturday, September 3, 2011


I bet a lot of you like 'Yum-Cha' where you find a really comfortable place, not too crowded, not too expensive and they serve really yummy desserts and snacks....and best of all, you can just hang in there with your BFFs and chat the whole day from A-Z....LOL
In fact, I haven't been going out to Yum-Cha places for quite sometime already, not that I don't like, but it's just so hard to find the time that the ones you wanted to hang around are free at the same time as you know what I mean? Sometimes when you are so free, your friends might not be..........and worst of all, some are not living in the same town as you are.
However, the topic of this blog is actually about this 'Durian Pancake', so I will not bore you with my babbling about my going out yum-cha story, hehe.... Actutally, the other day, I had a dinner meet with a few of my really old time BFFs, and one of them came back to KK for the "National Raya holidays" (National Day and Hari Raya) with her son. So after having our really 'heavy' seafood dinner, we head to a place called 'Lucy's Kitchen' for dessert and also to continue our gossiping, LOL
We ran through the menu and ordered some drinks and one of my friend suggested that these 'Durian Pancake' and 'Mango Pancake' is a 'must try'. Therefore, we ordered one of each, and it came 3 'golden pillows' in each plate, wrapped up with whipped fresh cream mixed with durian flesh  and mango pieces. It was served cold and once you bite it, you'll know that you have fallen in love with them, hahaha.
That's how I got hooked, and guessed what, the following day, I was out searching every corner of the earth looking for a recipe to make this pancakes.

Many of you would say, what's the big deal about pancakes?? Well, the texture of this pancake is not like the usual morning breakfast pancakes that we used to eat. They are very smooth, soft in texture but it doesn't tear when wrapped in with those fresh cream. It's not oily, and it has a really nice yellow color, not burnt marks from the pan and really really 'thin'. I know I'm pretty lousy when it comes to describing of something.....but those of you who has eaten this at any Yum -Cha outlet, would agree and know what I meant :P
I posted on my Facebook to ask if anyone has a recipe for this, and sad to say, some doesn't even know what I'm looking for......*sigh*
Anyway, after a thorough search through the internet, I found Wendy actually ever posted a Durian Pancake in her blog and she adapted the recipe from Elaine's blog, where she made the Mango Pancake version. I copied both and decided to try Wendy's version first as I have Durian at home to clear, hehe....
Erm, I wouldn't say I totally like it, as the texture was not as smooth, and maybe because I did not made it thin enough, it appeared to be quite tough and thick, when folded to wrap the fillings, it actually break at the sides. My in-laws tasted it and agreed that we need to do some changes to the recipe to better perfect it :) 
Anyway, I will buy some mangoes to try the Mango Pancake recipe ,as I find that the type of flour used in the Mango Pancake was not the same as the Durian ones, and who know, this is the fact that the pancake turned out otherwise. Anyway, thanks to Wendy and Elaine for sharing these recipes, at least I know where to start to do my experiments :)
If you are interested to try it out, you can hit on the above recipes button, and it will leads you to both Wendy's and Elaine's blog page. Of course, they have more yummy tested recipes to share with you all too.

Thanks for Sharing !! 

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