Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Anything Sweet and Cheesy

Sept 27, 2009 – As usual, every Sunday is a family day for me to spend it 100% with my loving Hubby and my lovely kids.......I'm so blessed to have them with me. I woke up pretty early today although I didn't go for Sunday Mass today at SHC, because yesterday I have already attended a mass during a seminar at the "Youth Rally – Passing on the Faith by Fr Stan Fortuna, from USA" at the Foo Chow Association. Haha, I know, I know.......Youth Rally means for the 'youth' and what is this old lady doing there, right? ......that's what you might be wondering.......hehe. Well, my SIL was so convinced that I must not miss this event as this priest is known for his natural talent and he is regarded as "The Rapping Priest"..................yaya, rapping as in beatbox and rapping kinda music. But, to tell you the truth, I attended a day seminar by him, and he was indeed an awesome man of God........truly original, truly natural and he's really GOOD! You can always check him out at

Ok, going back to my Sunday.........early in the morning I already had plans set up on what I'm going to bake baking at weekends is always the best, no hassle, no rush and I can slowly prepare my stuffs without having to chase time. So, I have decided to make some (1) Coffeecream Agar-Agar and a (2) Lemon Cheesecake. My kids loved agar-agar and puddings, and always ask me to buy or to make. They can eat non-stop of these two desserts and will always ask for more. That's how I spend this Sunday and because I forget to take pictures of this time's baking and making, so I will post the recipes in my future blogs....cheers!

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